About Repair to Close

Don't let untimely repairs derail your closing

Hire a contractor who’ll deliver great work on time and make the process easy to manage.

Closing repairs shouldn’t be your biggest concern during a real estate deal

We get it – real estate closings have lots of moving parts. If one piece gets out of line, the whole thing can fall apart.



After working in and around real estate closings for 20+ years, we’ve seen countless closings delayed – or even cancelled – because of repair delays.



Something had to be done!



Our partnership with you simplifies closing repairs by providing quality work on time – eliminating wasted time and energy spent chasing unresponsive contractors and rescheduling closings.



Time is of the essence!

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Ready to get your closings closed on schedule?

We can help – here’s how:

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Request an estimate

Repair to Close provides fast estimates – 96% within 2 days – to help keep your transaction on schedule.


Make the Repairs

Once we’ve agreed on what needs to be done, we’ll get to work on making the repairs. We’ll provide updates and photos of our work as it’s being completed.


Pay at closing

During a home sale, money can get tight. Paying at closing allows you to get the right repairs done at the right time and worry about the $$ when you can afford to – at closing.

On a mission

Less Stress, Simpler Closings

The Repair to Close team is driven by a desire to solve the problems that impact the real estate community. With many homes needing repairs before, during, or after a real estate transaction, closing repairs become a necessity. But finding the right team to do the work isn’t always simple.



After years of watching real estate deals get interrupted due to repair delays we knew there had to be a solution. 



Repair to Close was that solution.



A company to provide repairs that wouldn’t hold up closings because we know and understand the importance of each piece of a closing and how all the dominos have to fall just right.



A company to create less stress for smoother closings.

So what makes us different from every other company?

We know real estate transactions better than most
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Our Real Estate Experience

We know how to make solutions happen and do it right. We’ve worked directly with home buyers and know the experience they expect.  

We understand the real estate market and working with contractors. We’ve seen the impacts that project delays can have. 

We’ve been working in or around the Real Estate Transaction process for awhile. You learn what has to go right to get the deals done.

With our sister company in real estate Law, we’ve had the opportunity to work on thousands of closings. Our knowledge and experience there, helps us build a great process and team here.

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Clear & Trusted Communication

Communication is key! We use an online portal, which you’ll get access to, to manage projects. We upload images of the work done and provide updates on our progress there too. No need to chase down information. It’s there for you, ready to go.

There are multiple things that lead to trust, or that can break it. When you partner with Repair to Close, you’re relying on us to do what we say and for us to be knowledgeable in those decisions and actions. We understand that you are trusting us with an incredibly important piece of your world and that how we treat it, means something. We value your trust in us and will do everything we can to maintain and grow it.

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Preliminary proposals can be returned within 2 business days.

But if they’re quick, are they accurate? Yep! Using your inspection report, we’re able to make pretty accurate estimates for the work needed. If we can’t be sure, we’ll schedule a walkthrough to make sure we get the estimate right. And before we do work, we’ll walk through the property with you to make sure we’re all on the same page. 

Fast estimates can be a huge asset when it comes to negotiations. Having an accurate estimate in just 2 business days or less can create powerful leverage on either side of the negotiation table.

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Our Pay at Closing Model

Although some others do offer “pay-at-close” options, this is still a pretty big deal. Preparing a home for sale takes work and money, as the process gets going, you don’t always know how much you’ll need for repairs until the inspection report comes in. Our model allows us to work now and for you to pay when you’re truly able – at closing.

We’re a regional company which allows us to operate with this model. Unlike a smaller company, we’re not dependent on a single job or agent for our cash-flow.

Paying at closing is available to any home currently under contract. 

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Serving the Southeast

We work on property repairs in North and South Carolina. Our Corporate office is located in South Carolina. For more information on our locations and whether we can serve you, please contact us.

Making Closing Repairs Simpler with a great repair to close team

Are you someone who agrees that timeliness, clear communication, and doing it right the first time are non-negotiables? Do you have a knack for home repair? Do you want to be part of a team that helps make homes more than just a house? Are you ready to participate in a team that does great work and gets paid accordingly?

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Ready to ditch the stress and close on time?