Simplify Your
Repairs Management

Streamline your repairs process with one simple call.




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Stop wasting time trying to
manage multiple contractors
to get the work done

The truth is, you shouldn’t have to spend your valuable time constantly asking for updates, figuring how to make the payments and still keep everything on track.

But the reality is, that’s how most people do it.

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To make all the pieces of a real estate sale come together,
you need a team that helps relieves the stress that repairs can cause.

It’s time for a repair contractor that can be a high-performing asset in your real estate toolkit so you can close the right deals fast without disorganized subs and delayed repairs.

Simplify your closing repairs

When you're ready...

  • …to work with a team with 30+ years of construction experience that inspires confidence in the completed work
  • …to get the repairs done by someone who understands not just construction BUT ALSO the real estate market
  • …to stop juggling a hundred different things and sell your home for top dollar
  • …to consistently close on time with less stress and more effective project management

...we're here to make that happen

Because honestly...

We're tired of watching deals fall through due to repair delays

Work with a team that goes above and beyond your expectations, works with speed and quality, and is competent and follows through.

Above and Beyond

Kristen Duncan Sellars

Agent, R.M. Duncan Realty & Appraisals

Speed & Quality
"Thank you so very much for your help. The house closed yesterday. Your company’s work and fast response time made it happen. I will definitely use you again."
Real Estate Agent Allie Bourdy's Headshot
Allie Bourdy
Realtor/Broker, KREA
Competence & Follow-Through

Julie McKinney

Agent, Lifestyle Properties

Closing Repairs made simple

The One-Stop Shop

We’re the team to help with all your closing repair needs. No matter the issue, our team can help!

Interior Work

Sheetrock, painting, floors and ceilings are all part of our expert services. Lets get it done!

Crawl Spaces & Basements

New footers and piers, and even joists are quick work for our team, be sure to ask about vapor barrier and trash removal.

Exterior Work

Keep the curb appeal with decks, trim and siding in fresh condition. Our team is able to make the details matter.


With expertise on our side, drains, faucets, waste lines, toilets and more are quick work!


From insulation, rafters, and clearing debris, Repair To Close gets the dirty work done clean and easy!


From panel screws and breakers to switches and outlets, we’ve got you covered.


Our skilled HVAC contractors are the best in the business, keeping you in the comfort zone.

Windows & Doors

Our skilled craftsmen can replace even custom cut double pane glass, and get the stubborn door shut!

Roofing Repairs

With Repair To Close, cracked shingles, vent boots fails, and nail pop-ups are a thing of the past.

And More...

While we listed quite a bit here, our team has many additional skills we were not able to list here. Call us to get a full list of services. 

Streamline your real estate repairs with Repair to Close

Frequently Asked Questions

Mostly likely. While we can’t fix EVERYTHING, we can fix almost anything that can be fixed. Something that can’t be fixed, particularly things that require parts that are unavailable, we simply can’t do.
Typically we schedule work within a day of approval and the work starts within a couple of days.
Preliminary Proposals are returned within 2 business days. Walkthroughs, when needed, are typically scheduled the day they are requested and happen within a day or two based on availability of both parties. Our Detailed Proposal is done within 2 business days of the walkthrough.

We are based in the Carolinas and have crews all over the regions we cover and can always shift them as needed. Call us to ask about your specific area. 

Typically, within a few days. In certain situations, that can be shorter or longer depending on availability and deadlines.

Yes, every job requires a walkthrough. We do this to ensure the accuracy of each detailed proposal.

We have over 30 years of experience in residential construction. You don’t stay in the business that long by doing things the wrong way. But just in case, we offer a 12 month warranty on all our work.

Stop Chasing contractors.
Simplify your closing repairs!